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mapThis page was created in Germany and – up to now – solely prepared for German collectors of stamps and Postal Stationary of Australasia. Even everybody can easily realize that I am not a native speaker and more of 90% of current users are German, the content is provided in English language in spite of this.   The number of collectors of this area of philatelic interest is very low in Europe and especially in Germany. If you really want to share knowledge, exchange stamps or prepare collections for an exhibition you have to enlarge your options by using the internet and the English language as well. German users can use the “Translate-Button” to translate the whole page with one click. We try to collect all information concerning Australian Philately and show this information – in opposite to usual forums – in a structured and compressed form. So please ask the webmaster to get a certain permissions as an author and takeover responsibility for a certain topic. We are just starting and are under construction; so we will be very happy about every kind of assistance or collaboration with other communities. Please don´t hesitate to get in contact with the webmaster : Manfred Klimmeck  email_logo Enjoy the content and have fun with ICSAP (International Collector’s Society of Australasian Philately). Dick und Doof animiert



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