Auf dieser Seite möchte philatelistische Exponate zu Australasien sammeln und präsentieren, natürlich mit entsprechender Quellenangabe:

        • POSTAL HISTORY OF THE BRISBANE GPO 1840`s-1913;  Marius Wytenburg; 2007
        • Michael Blinman: New South Wales – Lettersheets, Envelopes, Postcards and Wrappers
        • Darryl J Fuller: Leeward Islands Postal Stationery: QV to KGVI
        • Barry Scott: Australia Pre-Printed Envelopes of the George V Era 1913-1938
        • ALMEIDA Noel: Overseas Mailers FDCs of Australia
        • John Higgs: The First A.I.F. – November 1914 to mid 1916
        • Gary Diffen: Preparations for War and the Australian Gallipoli Campaign
        • Kim D Dwyer: The Battle of HMAS Sydney and the SMS Emden 9th November 1914, Cocos Islands, Indian Ocean
        • Frank Glen: New Zealand and its Expeditionary Force at War 1914-1919
        • Peter Brigden: Pacific Naval Campaign – August 1914 to March 1915
        • Michael Blake: The Great Australian Legend 1914 – 1916
        • Anthony Presgrave: Departmental Stamps of South Australia
        • Arthur Gray: The George V Sideface Definitive Issues of Australia 1913-1938
        • Russell Boylan: St Vincent – The De La Rue Period
        • Dave Elsmore: Queensland Revenues
        • Barry Scott: The Royal Air Force Desert Air Service
        • Ian Fuary: Australian Franking Machine Dies
        • Barbara Bartsch: Development of the Pressure Sensitive Stamps/Label rolls
        • Stephen Chivers: NZ 1985 – 95 Janet Marshall Designed Endangered Bird Set
        • Barbara Hancock: The Diadem Issues of New South Wales
        • Eric Hurrell: Australia. The Kangaroo and Map Stamps and their Usage
        • John Franklin: Australian King George V 1d Red 1914-1922
        • Peter Leitch: Victoria BPF10 Stamp Duty 1879 to 1901
        • Harold G Lower: South Australi´s “Postage” Long Stamps
        • Penny Wells: New Zealand Pictorials 1935-1947
        • Peter O´Rourke: Australia – The Kangaroo and Map Series 1913-1948
        • Peter Brigden: Falkland Islands 1878-1936
        • Paul Bradberry: Australian Commonwealth Surface Mail Postcard Rates and their Interpretations internally and those set by the UPU 1 / 3 / 1901-1941
        • Anthony Scott: Australian Wartime Postal Services
        • Boon-Swee Yen: Australian Forces in Malaya – WWII
        • John Dibiase: Post Office Savings Bank. The Western Australia Markings and Supporting Documents
        • Anthony Ross Marshall: West Coast Coal – The Butler and Greymouth coalfields of New Zealand
        • Monica Comrie: Civil Censorship Process – Australia World War II 1939 – 1945
        • Ross Duberal: Western Australi Postal Markings 1840 – 1913
        • Albert H K Lai: Development of the Postal Service in Australia (1993-2003)
        • Bernard Beston: Australia – Vacuum Oil Co Printed to Private Order
        • Linda Welden: Australian Aerogrammes 1944 – 1972
        • Elsa Todd: The Registered Envelopes of Australia to George VI
        • Ed Wolf: Developing Europe – Australia Airmail Routes 1907 – 1934
        • Robert G Livingston: New Zealand Domestic Airmails 1919-1940
        • Dave Elsmore: Australian Railway Parcel Stamps
        • Mike Kouwen: Australia – London Customs Duty stamps
        • Wynter O´Regan: Numerals of NSW
        • Alexandra Parry: Australian Animals on Prestamped Envelopes, 1st Issue
        • Kevin W Dwyer: Australian National Research Expeditions First Base “Heard Island” 1947 – 1955
        • Frank Pauer: Australian “Official Post Office” First Day Covers 1932 – 1970



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