I like to start to collect all information available concerning the different postal rates over all periods, regions and services. If possible each of these different rates should have been shown by a real delivered example.

So please provide me with information and scans (inclusive the permission to publish the scan).

Especially for the beginning of the Australian States rates have been changed very often. So it will be very difficult to find a way to structure these information.

Please feel free, just to advice and support me.



Update 2010 


  • Australia
    • May 1890; reduction of postage from 6d to 2 ½ d per half-ounce on all letters despatched to places beyond the Colonies
      • was corrected on 19th. Dec 1890
        • to Kingdom only was reduced to 2 ½ d per half-ounce letter and to 2d for each post card, sent either via Adelaide or by the Torres Straits route, dating from the 1st. January 1891 (so the issue of the ½ d issue was required)
        • The rates for packets and newspapers remain unaltered
  •  Australian States joined UPU 1st Oct. 1891
    • Registration Fee was reduced to 3d
    • the 2 ½ d letter rate per half-ounce was extended from destination Kingdom to other overseas countries (so the issue of the 2 ½ issue was required)
    • postcard rate was reduced to 1 1/2d