On the following pages I am trying to collect any available information concerning stamps and postal stationary of Queensland.

Especially Queensland is very complex and contain a huge number of variations. So I have created a certain method for a system to identify each stamp.

Some criteria are more obvious than others. So it is helpful to use the best sequence of criteria.

My best-practice starts with type and value, which are absolutely easy to identify. For next steps it is helpful (necessary) to use a database with all variations. It is important to be aware of how many variations of perforations are possible to get and which colors are available for each variation.

Only the know-how of possible combinations empowers the collector to identify the correct number.

Additionally I mention catalogue-prices as well.  (P1<5€; P2 5-10€; P3 10-50€; P4 50-250€; P5>250€).

Using the overview in “Basic Collection” you are easily able to find the page, where the stamp is shown and described in detail.

To avoid an information-overflow, information concerning “Flaws and Forgeries” are provided on certain pages.

At the bottom of each pages there are additional information about realized prices on online- or local auctions.



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