HG 15

1887; A 15; HG 15


Wrappers are used to be “bound” around a newspaper, so stamp do not has to be fixed on the newspaper itselves

Information about Wrappers can be found in the German catalogue for Ascher (quoted as A#) or the more famous catalogue from Higgins & Gage (quoted as HG#).








0.5d STAMP DUTY Wrappers (1885 – 1899)

This type of wrappers (called “Fergusson & Mitchell Type”) were issued on 5 July 1886, printed on sheets of 8, delivered on sheets of 4

During the live time color changed several times. There are also deviations concerning the border lines. Sometimes the inner line is thicker, sometimes the outer line.

For detailled information see: Geoff Kellow

There are five different colors mentioned in the H&G Catalogue:

HG 13 (1886) gray violet (on white paper)

HG 14 (1886) yellow, yellow-green (on white paper)

HG 15 (1887) pink and rose (on shades of white paper)

HG 17 (1895) yellow orange (on white paper)

HG 19 (1899) emerald (on white paper)




The color is very pale, so I would assume, this is gray violet and HG 13 from 1886


HG 15

HG 15



1887; A 15; HG 15

1887; A 15; HG 15

1887; A 15; HG 15 late printing

1887; A 15; HG 15 late printing

Mount Wycheproof is an old sattlement in Victoria and the “Ensign” was one of the earliest newspapers.

Detailled information can be found in : http://wychehistory.webs.com/theearlydays.htm

The receiver Gordon & Gotch in Melbourne is a newspaper distributor, who is still active today

This version was issued 8. Feb. 1887

The color varies from pink to rose and bright carmine. For H&G all these colors are the same number.

The thin outer line (like on this example, cancellation 1891) will be found on 2 of the eight positions of the sheet. This was corrected for later printings.

You will see this on the second wrapper, which was stamped 1894. The outer line is thicker and perforation is good to be seen.

HG 16 a complete unwrapped

HG 17 complete unwrapped

Here a wrapper was completely unwrapped to show the whole dimension

It can be cleary seen, that the border-lines have the same color like the stamp.

Destination is London, so 1/2d had to be added.

This wrapper was sent Dec. 23 1898 to London. The receiver is Clarkson & Platt and international trade company, which is still very successfully.

HG 17

HG 17


This example has the color yellow-orange. So it will be HG 17 and from 1895.

Please have a look on the right side. There you can see the perforation and the left-side border line of the next sheet.

I am not sure with colors, so please give me advices where ever I could be wrong

VIC Wrapper 0.5 Stamp Duty horiz colorsbeside the probably different colors , take attention of the different frames. Sometimes the outer line is thicker, sometimes the inner line.







1d to London

1d to London

finally I attached two wrappers delivered to London, so 1d had to be paid. On the right item a normal stamp was added, on the left the “stamp” was cut out from another wrapper


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